A warm welcome

Sometimes we all need a little support to be our best. Taking just an hour for self-care is one of the secrets of vitality. Intensive Caring is at the core of what we offer at the Heart Based Center in Basel. Whether you are a busy mother or caregiver whose own needs have been pushed aside, an overloaded professional who craves breathing space, a young person who feels anxious or isolated, or you are just not getting enough sleep, we can help.

How can we help you?

You’re in safe hands with our team of healthcare professionals and therapists. You can always be sure of a warm welcome and a heart-based compassionate approach to whatever you’re experiencing. We provide a menu of treatments, tools and training sessions to help you and your family regain full vitality. 

A personal Intensive Caring session may be just what you need to recover from an illness, soothe anxiety or boost your energy. Our therapists use gentle questions and energy balancing techniques to restore peace of mind and relax your body.

Perhaps you would prefer to join a group session or training event? Every month our team offers valuable self-care practices that you can use at home to bring a deeper feeling of wellbeing into your daily life. For example, regulating your emotions, managing your energy levels, balancing your breath, releasing stress, and accessing your body’s wisdom.

We also extend a friendly welcome to Ukrainians who are currently taking refuge in Switzerland, with regular individual and group sessions.

Whatever health challenge you are facing right now, we would love to meet you. Drop in and see us at the Heart Based Center, Güterstrasse 86 (3rd floor) 4053 Basel or make an appointment below.