When your vitality feels low it can affect every aspect of your life.

Do you...

  • Have trouble sleeping or relaxing?
  • Experience stress, anxiety or tension regularly?
  • Remember what it’s like to be calm, centered and refreshed?
  • Want to feel happy and light again?

Taking a one-hour break from the everyday and surrendering to the care of dedicated professionals can really help restore your wellbeing.

Sometimes we all need a little support to be our best. Taking just an hour for self-care is one of the secrets of vitality. A personal Intensive Caring session may be just what you need to recover from an illness, soothe anxiety or boost your energy. 

Whether you are a busy mother or caregiver whose own needs have been pushed aside, an overloaded professional who craves breathing space, a young person who feels anxious or isolated, or you are just not getting enough sleep, we can help.

What is Intensive Caring?

Deep relaxation is possible in the safe hands of our experienced Intensive Caring practitioners, without massage or talk therapy. After establishing any health concerns with a few gentle questions, we invite you to settle, fully-clothed, on the treatment couch. By resting our hands on and around your head and body we create an environment of safety and comfort that allows your nervous system to relax and restore itself. 

After their sessions, many clients have been surprised and delighted by the improvement in their sleep, reduced anxiety and the quality of solutions that emerge from their clear minds.

In these sessions we use a gentle yet powerful natural healing technique that releases the inner flow of life energy and rebalances your energy system. Intensive Caring works in harmony with all other medical treatments and healing methods.

A treatment is usually performed lying down and lasts 45 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children. Your first session includes a 15-minute medical history (health check).

Intensive Caring for Children is also available and can help restore calm and confidence.


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